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VERILOG Programming source codes

This page of verilog source code section covers verilog codes for low pass FIR filter, asynchronous FIFO, D Flipflop without reset, D Flipflop with reset, 1 bit and 4 bit comparactor, binary up/down counter, BCD counter, Gray counter, T flipflop, D flipflop, SR flipflop, JK flipflop, 32bit ALU, full adder, half adder, half substractor, full substractor, 4 to 1 multiplexer, 1 to 4 de-multiplexer, Binary to Gray converter, 8 to 1 multiplexer, 8 to 3 encoder, logic gates, 2 to 4 decoder verilog codes.

Low Pass FIR Filter Verilog

Low Pass FIR Filter

Asynchronous FIFO Design

This article describes Asynchronous FIFO design with verilog test bench simulation.It covers FIFO memory,binary and gray counter. Read More

D Flipflop without reset

D flipflop without reset verilog code

D Flipflop with synchronous reset

D flipflop with synchronous reset

1 bit and 4 bit comparator verilog source code

1 bit 4 bit comparator

Binary up down counter

Binary up down counter

BCD and Gray Counter

BCD and Gray counter

T, D, SR, JK Flipflop


32 bit ALU verilog code

D flipflop with synchronous reset

32 bit ALU

Full Adder

Full Adder

4 to 1 Multiplexer De-multiplexer

4 to 1 MUX DEMUX

4 bit Binary to Gray Converter

binary2Gray converter

8 to 1 Multiplexer verilog source code

8to1 MUX

8 to 3 Encoder

8to3 Encoder

Logic Gates

Logic Gates

Half Adder, Half Substractor and Full Substractor

Half adder, Half substractor and Full Substractor

2 to 4 decoder

2 to 4 decoder

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