LVDS vs TTL | Difference between LVDS and TTL

This page compares LVDS vs TTL and mentions difference between LVDS and TTL. Both of them are signaling types used as most common data transmission. Conversion between LVDS to TTL and TTL to LVDS is possible though they have incompatible interfaces.

Specifications LVDS TTL
Full Form LVDS stands for Low Voltage Differential Signaling TTL stands for Transistor Transistor Logic
Binary coding logic It uses two wires with voltage difference between the two which determines whether the data is zero (0) or one (1). It uses presence or absence of voltage with reference to ground which determines binary 1 or 0.
Power consumption Less More
Merit/demerit It uses twisted pairs which forms tight EM field coupling. Hence differential voltage due to voltage spikes will remains same and will not be affected during transmission due to any EMI. This is the major benefit of LVDS over TTL. In TTL based data transmission, a binary zero may become binary one when it reaches the receiver due to voltage spike. This is the demerit of TTL over LVDS.
distance supports higher transmission distance. supports lower transmission distance.
Mode of transmission LVDS uses serial mode of transmission and hence requires less number of wires. TTL uses parallel mode of transmission and hence requires more number of wires.
Reference point LVDS does not use ground as reference signal. TTL uses ground as reference signal.
Use of lower voltage levels LVDS use this. TTL does not use this.
Resistance against interference LVDS supports more resistance. TTL supports less resistance.

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