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This page mention basics of rf adapter and provides rf adapter manufacturers or suppliers. It covers RF connectors of type BNC to SMA, SMA to N type and more.

There are different RF adapters available to convert from one type of RF connector to the other type of RF connector. For example, SMA Male to N female, BNC female to N female and so on. RF adapters are also available to change the gender of same type of connector. For example N female to N male, BNC female to BNC male, SMA female to SMA male and so on. RF adapters are available in straight type as well as right angle type. RF adapters are designed for different RF frequencies. Always check impedence, frequency range and VSWR of the adapter you need to buy before making purchase decision, obtain test results if any.

RF adapter suppliers/manufacturers

RF adapter from A1 Electronic Parts, Toronto, Canada, Web-www.a1parts.com

Mini circuits, RF adapters from DC to 18 GHz frequency range. Web- www.minicircuits.com

MFJ Enterprises, Inc. Web- www.mfjenterprises.com

RFMW Ltd, RF coaxial adapters, Web- www.rfmw.com

RF adapter from MICON Precise Corporation, Taiwan. Web-www.micon.com.tw

Narda microwave Web-www.nardamicrowave.com

rosenbergerna, North America. Web- www.rosenbergerna.com

Wavelineinc, Fairfield NJ. Web- www.wavelineinc.com

RF adapter from astrolabe. Web- www.minibend.com

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