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What is Tunable Laser-Function of Tunable Laser in fiber optic

This page explains basics of tunable laser. It also mentions function of tunable laser with respect to fiber optic network.

The acronym of Laser is "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation". It is basically a light source. It produces coherent and near monochromatic light by way of stimulated emission. The semiconductor device which works on this principle is known as "Laser Diode".

The main function of laser device or laser diode is to convert electrical signal into light form. This is a fixed laser device which do not have any control over the wavelength.
Refer LED and Laser➤ for more information.

Tunable Laser

The figure depicts tunable laser model Finisar S7500 from QUAGWIRE TECHNOLOGIES LLC.

The tunable laser device can continuously change the emission wavelength. This device will provide control to change the wavelength of output light signal to be fed as input for transmission over fiber optic network.

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