What is Fiber Fuse | Function of Fiber Fuse

This page explains basics of fiber fuse.It covers function of fuse used in fiber optical network.

We are aware of fuse used in any electrical device. It the device which interrupt the flow of current when the electric circuit is overloaded. Fiber fuse does the same function but in optical fiber network.

When optical fiber network is subjected to very high optical intensity (typically greater than 2 MW/cm2), the fiber cable is shocked and it is also damaged. Due to this, fiber gets vaporized. This resultant defect becomes reflective. This causes signal to propagate back to the transmitter.

Fiber Fuse test set up

The figure depicts setup used for fiber fuse testing.

In undersea fiber optic network, high power levels are commonly used. In this application, fiber fuse is used as protection device. This device is used at the transmit end which will break the circuit to prevent further damage in the high load scenario mentioned above.

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