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Difference between ROADM-WB,PLC,WSS,WXC RODAM types

This page compares various ROADM types WB,PLC,WSS and WXC. It mentions difference between WB(Wavelength Blocker), PLC(Planar Lightwave Circuit), WSS(Wavelength Selective Switch) and WXC(Wavelength Crossconnect) ROADM types.

ROADM is the short form of Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop MUX. All the ROADM types mentioned here is used as reconfigurable add/drop multiplexer in fiber optic domain.

WB-Wavelength Blocker ROADM

WB ROADM configuration

Figure-1 depicts configuration of WB ROADM type.
Refer Wavelength Blocker➤

PLC-Planar Lightwave Circuit ROADM

PLC ROADM configuration

Figure-2 depicts configuration of PLC ROADM type.
Refer PLC➤

WSS-Wavelength Selective Switch ROADM

WSS ROADM configuration

Figure-3 depicts configuration of WSS ROADM type.
Refer WSS➤

WXC-Wavelength Crossconnect ROADM

WXC ROADM configuration

Figure-4 depicts configuration of WXC ROADM type.
Refer Wavelength Crossconnect➤

Following table summarizes difference between ROADM types.

Full Form Wavelength Blocker Planar Lightwave Circuit Wavelength Selective Switch Wavelength Crossconnect
Configuration 2 DWDM ports e.g. 1 IN and 1 OUT 2 DWDM ports e.g. 1 IN, 1 OUT and 2*N single λ ports N+1 DWDM ports e.g. 1 IN, 1 OUT and N-1 service 2*N DWDM ports e.g. N-1 IN, N-1 OUT, 1 ADD and 1 DROP
Sub-system LCD WB PLC small switch array and
AWGs (Arrayed Waveguide Grating)
1 x N LCD WSS,
1 x N LCoS WSS
PLC Matrix Switches and AWGs
It is first ROADM developed,
Number of A/D ports = N (All λ's)
• low power consumption
• Lowest cost
•  No moving parts
• No vibration sensitivity
•  Can be mesh upgradable
•  Can be colorless
• Lowest cost for degree 5 to 8
• Upgradable to any degree as per internal architecture
• Any multiple λ's between any two ports
•  Not mesh upgradable
•  Supports DCE function only
•  extra optical devices such as splitters, combiners, taps are needed for A/D
• Not easily upgradable to Degree-2, • Not easily colorless • Vibration sensitive
•  Not cost effective for degree-2 version
•  Number of A/D ports are less than N and not λ upgradable
Costly if non PLC switches, MUX, De-mux are used.

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