GDDR vs HBM | Difference between GDDR and HBM

This page compares GDDR vs HBM and mentions difference between GDDR and HBM. Example of GDDR6 and HBM2 has been taken to differentiate both the memory types.

These memories are found in high performance graphics cards. GDDR stands for Graphics Double Data Rate Memory and HBM stands for High Bandwidth Memory.

GDDR memory

GDDR memory

The figure depicts structure of GDDR memory. As shown it is square/rectangular in shape. These memories are manufactured by Samsung, Hynix, ELPIDA or Micron. GDDR5 memories are available in 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB sizes.

The different types of GDDR memory include GDDR1 to GDDR5, GDDR5X and GDDR6. Following table mentions features of all these memory types.

difference between GDDR memory types

HBM memory

HBM memory

The figure depicts structure of HBM memory. As shown, HBM uses non planar memory with 3D design structure in cube or cuboid shape. Multiple memory chips are stacked to form cube structure. Hence it occupies less space and can be mounted closer to GPU. The smaller space results into fast processing.

HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) is manufactured by Hynix and Samsung. The different types of HBM memory include HBM1, HBM2 and HBM3. Following table mentions features of all these memory types.

difference between HBM memory types

Tabular difference between GDDR and HBM memory

Following table mentions difference between GDDR and HBM memory types.

Specifications GDDR (Example : GDDR6) HBM (Example : HBM2)
DRAM density 16GB (per chip) 64 GB (per stack)
#channels / DRAM package 2 channels 8 channels
# bits per channel 16 bits 128 bits
Speed 16 Gb/s 2.4 Gb/s
Overall bandwidth 64 GB/s 307 GB/s
Power efficiency Good Better than GDDR6 version
Cost Lower than HBM2 Higher than GDDR6
Packaging Traditional DRAM on PCB Uses 2.5D interposer for connectivity between host and HBM2 DRAMs

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