Hittite Microwave Switch | Hittite SP4T RF Switch

Hittite Microwave RF switches are very popular.Hittite introduces GaAS MMIC based RF Switch. This Hittite RF Switch is SP4T and covers 23GHz to 30GHz frequency range.

Sep. 6, 2013
Hittite Microwave Corporation introduces GaAs MMIC based SP4T reflective RF switch to cover 23GHz to 30GHz frequency range.

Some of the technical specifications or features of the device part number HMC1084LC4 are as follows:
Control voltage: 0 / -3V logic
Switching speed: 15 ns
Return loss: 11dB (At 30GHz)
Isolation: 26dB (At 30GHz)
Insertion loss: 2.8 dB (At 30GHz)
Max power handling capacity: +27 dBm
Size: 4 X 4 mm Ceramic SMT package

About Hittite Microwave

The company has been founded in year 1985. Hittite Microwave Corporation designs and manufactures ICs,modules for RF and microwave applications ranging from DC to 110GHz.

It covers ICs, RFICs and MMICs. The RF designs are based on silicon and GaAs based semiconductor processes. The company manufactures RF and Microwave components such as RF filters, directional coupler, bias tee, attenuator, power splitter, mixer etc. Company also produces signal generators used in test and measurement applications.

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