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Thermal Noise Power Calculator-dBm,volt

This page of converters and calculators section covers Thermal Noise Power and Voltage Calculator.

Temperature in Kelvin (input1) :

Resistance in Ohm (input2) :

Bandwidth of system in Hz (input3) :

Thermal Noise Power in dBm (Output1) :

Thermal Noise Voltage in µV(rms) (Output2):

INPUTS: T = 291 Kelvin, Resistance =50 , BW=1Hz
OUTPUTS: Thermal Noise power = -173.96 dBm , Noise voltage= 0.0008964 µV
Please note that temperature(Kelvin) =Temperature(Celsius) + 273.16

Thermal Noise Power and Voltage Equation

The noise resulting from thermal agitation of electrons is referred as thermal noise. It is measured in noise power (units of dBm or watt) or noise voltage. Following equation or formula is used for Thermal Noise Power and voltage calculator.

Thermal noise spectrum is gaussian in shape. Hence frequency, phase and amplitudes are equally distributed across the entire frequency spectrum. Thermal noise sources are divided into internal and external. The internal one are generated using thermal currents in the semiconductor material. External noise are produced by external objects such as sun referred as source noise.

Thermal Noise Power and Voltage calculator equation

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