Solar Cell Efficiency calculator

The solar cell efficiency calculator mentions solar cell efficiency formula or equation. It also provides user to calculate solar cell efficiency by entering appropriate values with example. The solar cell Fill factor formula is also mentioned. Refer article on solar cell as renewable energy source➤.

Solar Cell Output Power Max. in Watt, (input1) :

Solar Cell Radiation Flux in Watt/meter2, (input2) :

Solar Cell Surface Area in meter2, (input3) :

Solar Cell Efficiency output (%) :

Antenna Efficiency calculator example:
Solar cell Max. output power = 400 Watt , radiation flux or irradiance = 1000 W/m2 , Surface area or collector area = 2.79 m2
14.33 %

Solar Cell Efficiency Formula or Equation

Solar cell efficiency formula or equation

Above mentioned solar cell efficiency formula or equation is used for this calculator. As mentioned solar cell efficiency is the ratio of electrical output power (in Watt) to the incident energy which is in the form of sunlight. Incident energy is known as irradiance or radiation flux (in Watt/meter2). Surface area of the solar cell on which light falls is known as collector area.

If the Surface area is in ft2, kindly divide the same with 10.76 to obtain surface area in unit of m2. This conversion is necessary before using the solar cell efficiency calculator.

A ( m2 ) = A (ft2) /10.76

Solar cell Fill factor

There is another important parameter which is used to determine solar cell performance. It is referred as Fill Factor. The equation or formula of solar cell fill factor is as follows:

Fill Factor = Pmax / Voc * Ioc
Solar cell Fill Factor = { (Solar Cell Efficiency * Ac * E) / (Voc* Ioc) }
Voc = Open Circuit Voltage
Ioc = Short Circuit Current

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