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This page covers Solar Cell Vendors and Solar Cell Manufacturers. It provides links to useful vendors or manufacturers of RF and wireless products.

Manufacturers or Vendors Model Type Module efficiency
Canadian Solar CS6P Polycrystalline 15.9
Ja Solar JAMP 48-220/SI Monocrystalline 16.6
Jinko Solar JKM265P Multicrystalline 16.2
Kyocera KD210GH-2PU Polycrystalline 14.1
REC Twinpeak Series Monocrystalline 16.7
Spectrolab XTJ Prime
Next triple junction
Next triple junction
Ultra-triple junction
SunPower 245-235 Monocrystalline 20.1
SunEdison Silvantis R-Series Monocrystalline 17.7
Yingi SOlar Yl225C-24B Monocrystalline 17.1
Suntech STP265/WEM Polycrystalline 16.3
Solar World SW 260 Monocrystalline 15.5
Sharp NU-U23F1 Monocrystalline 14.4
Trina PA05 Polycrystalline 16.2
Yingli Solar YL205P-23b Multicrystalline 15.8
Yingli Solar YL 235 P-29b Polycrystalline 14.4


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