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BACnet protocol analyzer basics

This page covers BACnet protocol analyzer basics.It also covers BACnet protocol analyzer application note and BACnet protocol analyzer vendors. BACnet protocol analyzer is used to analyze the BACnet protocol stack.

Refer How BACnet protocol works page which is very useful for BACnet protocol analysis.

BACnet protocol analyzer software application note

In this application note section we will understand BAS-o-matic protocol analyzer from Cimetrics Inc. The protocol analyzer platform is used by building automation professionals. It is used for BACnet protocol analysis.

Following are the features of BACnet protocol analyzer:

• compatible with windows versions(Xp,Vista, windows7, server 2008)

• Supports 32 bit and 64 bit

• Supports BACnet 2008 standard release

• Connects PC directly to MS/TP network

• Helps in troubleshooting MS/TP

• supports defragmentation of BACnet (including defragmentation of IP)

BACnet protocol analyzer Vendors

Following are the vendors of BACnet protocol analyzer.

Cimetrics Inc.
PolarSoft Inc.
Continental Control Systems, LLC.
BACnet® International
LOYTEC electronics GmbH

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