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Satellite Parking basics | What is satellite parking

This page of satellite tutorial covers satellite parking basics. It mentions steps to be followed to park the satellite in the space by satellite launch company.

The parking or placing of satellite in the orbit around earth is known as satellite parking. The satellite is parked based in the specific orbit as per satellite type such as LEO, MEO or GEO. We will go through GEO satellite parking here.

• GEO (Geostationary Earth Orbit) satellite are placed at the height or altitude of 35800 Km above the Earth. Before the satellite launching process satellite launch company should obtain parking slot and license to broadcast satellite frequency.
• Satellite parking positions or slots are assigned internationally by ITU ( International Telecommunications Union). This is assigned to the countries and companies need to obtain from respective government organization of the countries.
• Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is responsible for radio frequency regulations for satellite frequency to be used in the region. There are different bands of satellite such as C band, Ku band, Ka band etc.

Satellite parking process or satellite launch procedure

satellite parking procedure

• Following are the steps followed for satellite parking in the space around the earth after permission is obtained from International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as mentioned above.
• Once satellite is manufactured it is placed in the satellite launch pad at specific satellite launching stations such as Sriharikota space center INDIA, Guiana Space Centre in France, Kennedy Space Center USA etc.
• In the first stage, satellite is placed at the altitude of 49 miles above the Earth using rocket.
• In the second stage, satellite is placed at altitude of approx. 102 miles.
• In the third and final stage, satellite is placed in the final geosynchronous orbit slot by firing AKM (Apogee Kick Motor) from ground station. Once this stage is completed rocket and its remaining parts are allowed to come back to the Earth.
Also refer Satellite Launch Procedure for more information on the step by step guide to satellite parking procedure.

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