What is EC GSM IoT-Features,applications of EC GSM IoT

This page describes EC GSM IoT basics including features. It mentions EC GSM IoT applications and benefits of EC GSM used for IoT (Internet of Things).

EC-GSM IoT is the short form of Extended Coverage GSM for Internet of Things. It is standardized and published in 3GPP Release 13 as Low Power Wide Area Technology. It works in licensed spectrum like GSM technology. EC-GSM IoT network is backward compatible to existing GSM network and uses existing GSM architecture as shown in the figure-1. Software upgrades are needed on existing GSM network side, device side and core side to make it compliant to EC-GSM IoT. There are group of companies which are working towards making 3GPP-based EC-GSM-IoT technology available wide spread. The member companies include Intel, Cisco, Ericsson, Broadcom, LG, KDDI, MediaTek, Orange, Nokia, Sierra Wireless, Samsung Electronics, Telit communications and so on.

gsm network architecture

EC-GSM IoT features

There are four coverage classes supported by EC-GSM.


Following table mentions features of EC-GSM IoT technology.

Features Description
Frequency Same as GSM network, 850 to 900 MHz, 1800 to 1900 MHz
Deployment In Band GSM
Access Type TDMA/FDMA
Modulation Types GMSK, 8PSK
Bandwidth 200 KHz per channel
Peak Data Rate (Downlink/Uplink) 70 Kbps for GMSK, 240 Kbps for 8PSK
Coverage 164 dB with 33 dBm Power Class,
154 dB with 23 dBm power class
Duplexing HD, FDD
Power saving mode PSM, ext. I-DRX

EC-GSM IoT Applications

• M2M/ IoT traffic only
• Voice
• Data

EC-GSM IoT Benefits or advantages

Following are the benefits or objectives of EC-GSM IoT technology.
• Long battery life (About 10 years)
• Lower device cost compare to existing GSM/GPRS devices
• Variable rates using GMSK/8PSK
• Support for high number of subscriber devices, about 50K per cell
• Improved security compare to GSM/EDGE


Additions/Changes compare to Existing GSM/GPRS:
• Physical Layer changes
• New Logical channels
• Overlaid CDMA to enhance cell capacity which is used for EC-PDTCH and EC-PACCH


1. 3GPP GERAN TR 45.820, section 10.- 3rd Generation Partnership Project
2. 3GPP TS 43.064 V13.0.0- Overall description of the GPRS radio interface

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