What is Dichroic Filter | Function of Dichroic Filter

This page explains basics of Dichroic filter.It mentions function of Dichroic filter in fiber optic network.

We know WDM or Wavelength Division Multiplexing. It is the multiplexing technique which multiplexes optical signals of different wavelengths. Refer What is WDM➤ for more information.

We know that normal filter is the term applies to the device which passes some frequencies and blocks or rejects some frequencies. Based on this, there are different types of filter viz. Low Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, Band Pass Filter, Band Stop Filter.

WDM-Wavelength Division Multiplexing

Like frequency type of filter, Dichroic filter operates on different types of wavelengths. It is very accurate color filter. It passes light in certain wavelengths and reflects the light in certain wavelength range. It is most commonly used in WDM network.

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