What is Agile Optical Switch-Function of Agile Optical Switch

This page explains basics of Agile Optical Switch.It mentions function of Agile Optical Switch in fiber optic system.

Optical switch is the device which takes of switching of different wavelengths across optical cross connects. Refer Optical Switch➤ for technical specifications of optical switch.

The two parameters are to be considered while selecting the appropriate optical switch.
• The switching time
• The number of ports

Agile optical switch is used to dynamically reconfigure the DWDM network. This will enhance the triple play service deployments. It will enable advanced wavelength applications at the reduced cost.

Agile Optical Network

This type of network is known as Agile Optical Network. The figure above depicts typical Agile Optical Network.

As shown this type of Optical Network is dynamically reconfigurable DWDM network. It uses ROADM (Reconfigurable Optical Add Drop MUX) which changes the switch fabric and allows reconfigurable optical bypass.

Optical Amplifiers of type EDFA takes care of any fiber path loss as well as optical switch losses.

MSPP provides protection for SONET and Data Services. Transponders and Muxponders with tunable laser provides service adaptation to different wavelengths in the network.

Fiber chromatic dispersion is compensated in every node of the Agile Optical Network.

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