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L Band Frequency Values | L Band Frequency Advantages,Applications

This page mentions L Band Frequency Values, L Band Frequency Applications and advantages of L Band frequency.

Frequency Band Designation Frequency Range Wavelength
L Band 1 to 2 GHz 30 to 15 cm

The L band frequency lies between UHF Band and S Band as shown in the figure-1 below. As mentioned in the table, it lies from 1 GHz to 2 GHz in the frequency spectrum with wavelengths between 15 centimeters to 30 centimeters.

L Band Frequency Advantages

Following are the advantages of L Band Frequency over other frequency bands.
➨It has less interference from heavy rain fading channel.
➨It has less expensive hardware.
➨It can make use of smaller antennas for communication.

L Band Frequency Applications

L Band Frequency

Following are the applications of L Band Frequency.
• L-Band is used in satellite communications. The band from 950 MHz to 1450 MHz is used for the purpose. In order to simply satellite ground station equipment hardware L Band modem is used instead of IF ( 70 +/- 18 MHz) Modem.
• Inmarsat satellite provide L-Band interface for ground station devices to communicate.

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