HDMI over USB-Type C cable | USB-C to HDMI Converter

This page covers HDMI over USB-Type C cable i.e. it provides USB-C cable which output HDMI format. Using this interface smart devices viz. tablet, smartphone, laptop can be interfaced with displays of various types.

HDMI | High Definition Multimedia Interface

The figure-1 depicts application of HDMI to USB converter. Following are the features of HDMI connector interface type.
• Supports compressed or uncompressed all digital audio as well as uncompressed video interface.
• Supports audio formats viz. DTS, Dolby etc.
• Supports video formats 720p, 1080i, 1080p, 480p etc.
• Supports NTPC, PAL standards
• Allows 8 channels uncompressed audio of different sample sizes 16 bit/ 20 bit/ 24bit with various sampling rates from 32 KHz to 192 KHz.


As shown in fig-1 it connects HDMI supported source devices such as PC monitor, projector, TV monitor and other digital audio devices with USB type-c compliant devices such as laptops, smartphones, desktops, tablets etc.

HDMI Pin Diagram and description

The figure-2 depicts HDMI connector of Type-A. The table-1 below mentions pin designations of this HDMI connector Type-A (width: 13.9 mm, Height: 4.45 mm ). There are other types of HDMI connectors which include type C (width: 10.42 mm, Height: 2.42 mm) and type D (Width: 6.4 mm, Height: 2.8 mm).

HDMI connector
Pin Number Designation
1 TMDS Data 2+
2 TMDS DATA 2 Shield
3 TMDS Data 2-
4 TMDS Data 1+
5 TMDS Data 1 Shield
6 TMDS Data 1-
7 TMDS Data 0+
8 TMDS Data 0 Shield
9 TMDS Data 0-
10 TMDS Clock+
11 TMDS Clock Shield
12 TMDS Clock-
13 CEC
14 No connection
15 DDC CLock
16 DDC Data
17 Ground
18 +5V Power
19 Hot Plug Detect

In the table, TMDS stands for Transition Minimized Differential Signaling. This technology is used for high speed serial data communication. It uses 8b/10b encoding technique.

USB Type-C Plug pin diagram

USB Type-C Plug Connector Interface

Figure-3 depicts USB Type-C Plug pins.
Refer USB Type-C interface for more information on USB Type-C interface.

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