Difference between Buck converter and Boost converter

This page compares Buck converter vs Boost converter and mentions difference between Buck converter and Boost converter.

Both buck boost converters are DC to DC converters with different voltage and current at the output compare to input. There are two types of topologies viz. inverting and non inverting. In Inverting type Output voltage polarity is different than input where as in non-inverting type output voltage polarity is same as input voltage. They are used as switching regulators which use switching element (typically one or two MOSFETs) and an energy storage device (such as inductor) to efficiently regulate input voltage to lower or higher output voltage.

Buck Converter

Buck converter circuit

• A buck converter is known as step down converter.
• The figure-1 depicts circuit of buck converter.
• It steps down input voltage and steps up input current.
• Hence, Vin > Vout and Iin < Iout

Boost Converter

Boost Converter Circuit

• A boost converter is known as step up converter.
• The figure-1 depicts circuit of boost converter.
• It steps up input voltage and steps down input current.
• Hence, Vin < Vout and Iin > Iout

Refer advantages and disadvantages of buck boost converters >> for more information.

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