AON vs PON | Difference between AON and PON optical networks

This page AON vs PON optical networks and mention difference between AON and PON optical network types.

PON-Passive Optical Network

PON-Passive Optical Network

Figure-1 depicts typical set up used for deployment of PON (Passive Optical Network). As shown OLT (Optical Line Termination) Unit is used to provide ethernet interface to optical core network and PON interface to the subscriber. Power splitter is used near the subscriber premises which provides individual connection to all. Power splitter comes in various sizes e.g. 1 x 2, 1 x 8, 1 x 16, 1 x 32 etc.

AON-Active Optical Network

AON-Active Optical Network

Figure-2 depicts typical set up used for deployment of AON (Active Optical Network). As shown ethernet switch is used to provide connections to the individual subscribers in the network.

Comparison between AON and PON

Following are the few of the comparison points between AON and PON:

• In PON, Bandwidth allocation per subscriber is estimated based on splitting factor. In AON, amount of allocation depends on interface type and it is adjustable. Hence AON type has advantage over PON as far as bandwidth allocation is concern.

• Impact of faults in the access node is low in AON compare to PON.

• Reliability of subscriber line (between customer-AN-Passive Splitter) is good in AON compare to PON.

• Reliability of subscriber line (between passive splitter and OLT) is good in PON compare to AON (between AN and Edge Switch).

• Costs of passive components used in PON are lower compare to costs of active components used in AON. Hence PON has advantage over AON as far as cost is concerned.

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