Advantages of OLED display,difference between OLED and LED,LCD

This page covers advantages of OLED display. These benefits of OLED display have made it popular compare to other display types. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode.

OLED Structure, How OLED Works

Refer OLED basics>> including its structure, how it works, types and difference between OLED, LED and LCD.

Following are the benefits or advantages of OLED:
➨OLED displays do not require any backlight.
➨OLED displays draw very less power as there is no backlight and hence it will be useful in all the battery powered devices such as smartphones and tablets.
➨OLED displays are very thin in size.
➨OLED displays have wide viewing angle.
➨OLED displays are smaller in size and hence are cheap compare to the one used in desktop screens.
➨OLED displays are light in weight.
➨They are very flexible due to thinness.
➨They are used in places where other types of displays are impractical such as clothing. This application is predominantly used in movies and TV commercials.

These advantages are the main difference between OLED and LED/LCD displays.

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