Advantages of Multi Touch Technology | disadvantages of Multi Touch Technology

This page covers advantages and disadvantages of Multi Touch Technology and its basics. It mentions benefits or advantages of Multi Touch Technology and drawbacks or disadvantages of Multi Touch Technology.

What is Multi Touch Technology?

A single user using single touch (example ATM) or dual touch on smartphone such as selecting an icon, typing a letter or using two fingers to zoom in and out is an attractive digital trend compared to traditional keypad phone. This is shown in the figure.

Multi Touch Technology

Classical touch screen has two drawbacks i.e. only a single user is allowed at a time due to single input command and it is limited based on scale as cost of touchscreen increases as screen size increases.

As human needs are wide, single use single touch did not offer much in terms of flexibility and expansion into more command inputs. This led to invention of multi touch user touchscreens.

Multi Touch Technology Classification

Following are the classification of multi touch technology types.
• Capacitive • Resistive •  Acoustic • Optical • IR.

The multi touch technology is used in various applications such as walls of wonders in public spaces, or in collaboration environments such as museums, schools, hotels, hospitals, conference rooms etc. Based on application usage, it is used in different domains such as consumer electronics, retails, government enterprises, transportation, gaming, industrial, commercial, hospitality, medical, military, training etc.

Benefits or advantages of Multi Touch Technology

Following are the benefits or advantages of Multi Touch Technology:
➨The technology has replaced a keyboard and a mouse to access different screens in smartphones and tablets.
➨Using this, users can control graphical applications using several fingers.
➨One or more users can interact with computer applications through various gestures created by fingers on a surface without affecting other users.
➨Multi touch screens are stronger than dual touch devices.
➨It enhances customer experiences and enable enterpreneurs to make strategic business decisions.

Drawbacks or disadvantages of Multi Touch Technology

Following are the drawbacks or disadvantages of Multi Touch Technology:
➨They are expensive as technology has to support several concurrent contact points and it also has to sense each touch.
➨It is difficult to select small items.
➨Multi touch technology requires larger screen. As finger is not transparent and smaller the touch screen, the more you obscure what is being pointed at.
➨Touch screen interfaces require your eyes to be always on the screen. You can not type by touch while your eyes are occupied elsewhere.
➨It requires proximity of the users to use it.

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