Waveguide Diplexer basics

This page covers Waveguide Diplexer basics. It mentions Waveguide Diplexer application note and Waveguide Diplexer vendors or manufacturers. It mentions link to difference between Diplexer and Duplexer.

As we know now-a-days multimode modems are used in advanced wireless telecom systems. This multimode modem supports various modes such as GSM, CDMA and LTE. In order to use the same antenna for these different technologies, it is necessary to separate out these different frequency bands. The device referred as diplexer does this job. The diplexer separates wide frequency bands using broadband filters embedded within diplexer. The diplexer device which is compliant to use as per waveguide dimention is known as waveguide diplexer.

Unlike diplexer, the device duplexer separates out frequency bands which are nearer. This task requires narrow band filters. This is the major difference between diplexer and duplexer RF devices.

Inside structure of waveguide diplexer usually will have two band pass filters and a RF circulator. It does not require any kind of tuning and hence are cheap when produced in large quantities.

Waveguide Diplexer Application Note

waveguide diplexer

The figure-1 depicts waveguide diplexer from CERNEX, Inc. The CERNEX, Inc. manufactures waveguide diplexer and coaxial diplexer. These are available in generic communication bands from frequency of 0.4 to 110 GHz in range.

This RF device is widely used in outdoor units and systems. It is main component which interfaces transceiver with RF Antenna. Refer difference between diplexer and duplexer.

Following are the general technical specifications of waveguide diplexer:
• Offers high isolation or rejection (in dB) .
• Offers low insertion loss.
• Available in coaxial and waveguide interfaces.
• Pass band of frequency of operation.
• Average power handling capability (in Watt).
• In-band ripple (in dB).

Waveguide Diplexer Manufacturers or Vendors USA

Following are the manufacturers or vendors of Waveguide Diplexer.

Manufacturers or vendors of Waveguide Diplexer
Reactel, Inc.
MESL Microwave
cmt filters
RLC Electronics, USA
A1 Microwave
Altair Engineering, Inc.

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