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This page describes NFC tools from various vendors. The tools cover NFC equipments for NFC testing such as NFC analyzer, NFC protocol analyzers etc.

NFC Tools and NFC Equipments Vendors

Following table-1 lists out different NFC tools and NFC equipments from various vendors/manufacturers for testing and validation of NFC devices.

NFC tools or
NFC equipments
Company Description
T3121S Keysight technologies NFC R&D test system used for RFID/NFC tests.
NFC based mobile payment Application testing Barnes international useful to test application housed on mobile SIM used for contactless banking and other payments.
SCRIPTIS™ Keolabs Sas Smart card and NFC test and certification solution
MP500 TCL3 Micropross Tester for NFC Smartcards, NFC devices, NFC readers
T3111S Keysight technologies NFC conformance test system
MP300 ACL1 Micropross NFC protocol analyzer
ComProbe® FTE NFC protocol analyzer
GSSS5300 Spirent Communications Multi radio test set, generate RF signal compliant to WLAN, NFC, bluetooth and NFC either separately or simultaneously
ProxiLAB3 Raisonance Sas Smart card tester
ProxiSPY, ContactLAB Raisonance Sas Smart card protocol analyzer
Certification and test lab AT4 wireless provide services for different technologies viz. GSM, WCDMA, LTE, WLAN, WiMAX, RFID, NFC etc.

Table:1 NFC tools and NFC equipments

NFC Analyzers or NFC protocol analyzers

Following table lists out NFC protocol analyzers which are used as NFC analyzer equipments.

NFC protocol analyzer Company Name Description
MP300 ACL1 Micropross protocol analyzer, it is used for non-intrusive capture of contactless data exchanges at frequency of 13.56 MHz.
ComProbe® Frontline Test Equipment Protocol Analyzer used for NFC-A, NFC-B and NFC-F version of devices
ProxiSPY Raisonance Sas It is a smart card protocol analyzer
ContactLAB Raisonance Sas It is smart card reader/protocol analyzer.
MP300 SC2 MicroPross Protocol analyzer and smartcard simulator

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