Electronic Test and Measurement Section

Test and measurement section of RF Wireless World covers electronic T & M resources, test and measurement equipments, manufacturers, vendors etc. Test and measurement equipments include WLAN, WiMAX, Zigbee, Bluetooth, GSM, UMTS, LTE and more standards.

Test and Measurement industry is very wide and covers diversified fields such as RF, Wireless, optical domain, electronics, electrical and more. Due to advent of complex systems test and measurement has become challenge to test the devices with respect to all the parameters before placing in the market.

The industry has come up with the sophisticated equipments as well as software applications to support the need of testing. Reputed companies such as Tektronix, Agilent technologies,FLIR, Rohde and Schwarz and more are continuously working to enhance features in the equipments as per existing and upcoming technologies/standards.

5G NR Test Equipments | 802.11ax WiFi6 Test Equipments and more

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Test and Measurement Learning Resources

Following are useful resources required for engineers and specialists working towards cutting edge electronic and wireless device testing. These tutorials and terminologies are very useful to understand test and measurement concepts.

What is IQ Vector signal? SNA vs VNA
PXI system for RF T & M Signal generation and analysis
Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Vs. Network Analyzer
Power Meter VSG Vs. VSA
T & M Companies Test-certification providers
Software Performance Testing Software Testing Tutorial
RBW Vs. VBW Oscilloscope basic and types
ICT,In Circuit Testing

Basic RF and Baseband Measurement Parameters

Following are very useful links for parameters most often measured for RF and Baseband(Physical layer) layer testing of the device.

RF and SoC Production tests Physical layer measurements
RF Measurements AM-AM conversion
AM-PM conversion Error Vector Magnitude or EVM
IQ imbalance RF phase noise and phase jitter
What is Bit Error Rate?   RF Harmonic Measurement  
ACPR Measurement   RF Intermodulation Distortion  
RF Wafer Tests   Impedance Measurement  
BER Measurement   Gain Flatness Measurement  
Synthesizer settling time   Antenna Measurements  
RF Phase Noise Measurement   Receiver Max. tolerable signal  
Receiver Sensitivity Test  

two tone intermodulation distortion test and measurement
Two tone intermodulation distortion measurement➤➤

Test and Measurement Equipments

This section covers testing equipments for WLAN, WiMAX, zigbee, Bluetooth, GSM, UMTS, LTE and more standard based device testing. It covers spectrum analyzer, VSG, VSA, frequency counter, protocol analyzer, AWG, digitizer, function generator, pulse generator, RF network analyzer, power meter, reflectometer, logic probe, logic analyzer, multimeter, oscilloscope, LCR meter, signalling tester, conformance systems, base station analyzer, cable and antenna analyzer, optical solutions, audio and video test solutions, EMC and field strength test solutions, broadband amplifiers, AWGN CNR generator, Comb generator for EMI/EMC tests, microwave fequency counter, satellite link emulator, location based services testers and more.

Test and Measurement Equipments BER Testing equipments
Agilent T & M Solutions Anritsu T & M Solutions
Rohde & Schwarz T & M solutions wireless channel emulator
Vector signal generator Vector signal analyzer
Power Analyzer Equipments Protocol Analyzer
Logic Analyzer AWGN CNR Generator
Comb Generator for EMI/EMC MW Frequency Counter
Satellite Link Emulator LCR Meter
Multipath Channel Simulator

Test and Measurement software applications

This section of the page covers PC based software applications. These applications do not need any instrument for generation and analysis. It works offline. Generator application generates offline IQ data based on configuration made by the user. This generated IQ data later if required can be played using vector signal generator and emulated real time waveform can be generated for test purpose. Analyzer application analyzes already acquired realtime IQ data or offline generated IQ data. Different standard based applications are available in one single package and can also be licensed individually from developers based on need. The popular standards include WLAN, WiMAX, Zigbee, bluetooth, GSM, LTE etc.

Conformance Testing

Conformance testing is becoming more challenging with the introduction of advanced features in next generation wireless devices. Following are the tests carried out typically for wimax,gsm,gprs,wcdma,lte,td-scdma devices to comply for conformance specifications.

WiMAX Radio Conformance Testing GSM Device Measurements
GPRS Device Measurements WCDMA Measurements
GSM AMR conformance testing LTE UE conformance testing
TD-SCDMA Conformance testing Zigbee Compliance testing
Inter RAT Measurements

Test and Measurement News

Litepoint unveils IQxStream Multi DUT for 2G,3G,4G mobile devic testing.
SMW200A VSG from Rohde Schwarz generates signals to test envelope tracking performance of Amplifiers.
Agilent announces SystemVue for smartphone and defense applications.
National Instruments is pioneering into 5G based communication research.
LTE network simulator from Anritsu Corporation is available to provide TD-LTE Carrier aggregation feature.
Rohde and Schwarz expands EMC testing using broadband amplifier.
Agilent extends frequency range of existing VSG and VSA capabilities.
Aeroflex mobile test platform to provide multiple UE testing with carrier aggregation feature.

RF and Wireless Terminologies

IoT Wireless Technologies

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