Electro-magnetic field measurement system-LTE,TD-LTE,WCDMA

Date: Feb.01,2015: The electro-magnetic field measurement system from Anritsu corporation is designed and developed to measure EM radiation compliance against standard requirements. Refer EM radiation limits defined by ICNIRP.
These RF strength limits vary in different countries and is defined by government regulatory authorities for public safety.

Electro magnetic field measurement system

Following are the features of electro-magnetic field measurement system:
• Wide dynamic range from 0.2 mV/m to 200 V/m with 1 kHz RBW (typ)
• Switching time is less than 10 µs
• Automatic download of antenna factors
• Various demodulation options available
• measurement limit lines are user configurable at various power levels
• This limits can be saved and re-called at later moment of time
• Configurable measurement test time and axis dwell time
• Pass/Fail indicators on screen
• Results can be saved in the internal memory or USB device.
• Pre-amplifier option is available for low level signal measurements

This electro-magnetic field (EMF) measurement system can be used in spectrum analyzer mode for radiation power measurement. EMF testing can be carried out on demodulated signals as per different cellular wireless standards. The standards can be LTE, TD-LTE and WCDMA. Various options are available to support electro-magnetic field measurements of these standard compliant devices.

The complete electro-magnetic field measurement solution is made of handheld spectrum analyzer and isotropic antenna as shown in the figure. Anritsu handheld spectrum analyzer are model nos. MS2711E/12E/13E or MT8212E/13E.

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