Murata converter | Murata AC to DC converter

Murata has introduced AC to DC converter recently.This Murata AC to DC converter is used for healthcare market compliant to medical standard.

Sep. 13, 2013
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has started mass production of AC to DC converters for the healthcare market compliant to medical standard.

This AC-DC converter from Murata is ideal for vast range of healthcare and medical applications. It is used in equipments for diagnosis,analysis as well as for treatment.

It is small in size about 2 x 4-inch footprint and meets various safety standards such as IEC60950-1(2)/EN60950-1(2)/IEC60601-1(3) and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1.

This MVAD065 Series has various models for 12V, 24V and 48V DC application use.

About Murata

Murata is a leader in manufacturing of electronic materials. The murata products are used in rf circuit design, mobile phones, healthcare, home appliances, energy management systems etc.

Murata products include ceramic capacitors, inductors, resistors, thermistors, sensors, noise supression products such as EMI filters etc.

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