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This page describes Labview questionnaire written by specialists in Labview domain. This top 10 Labview interview questions and answers will help interviewee pass the job interview for Labview programmer job position with ease. These questions are very useful as college viva questions also.

There will be objective type of test with 10-20 questions with multiple choice questions in most of the interviews.

Question -1: What are two panels used in labview programming?
Answer -1: There are two types of panel viz. front panel and block diagram. Block diagram is the panel where all the programming is carried out. Front panel is the one visible as user programmable interface i.e. GUI interface.
Refer Answer-1➤.

Question -2: What is shift register? How it is implemented in labview?
Answer -2: It can be used by right clicking 'for loop' structure in labview block diagram panel as shown below.
labview interview shift register

Question -3: What is the difference between local variable and global variable in labview?
Answer -3: Local variable vs Global variable concepts➤

Question -4: How mixed data types are combined and passed from one file or place to the other in labview?
Answer -4: This can be done by creating cluster of choice.
Refer Cluster concepts in labview➤.

Question -5: What is the figure as shown below?
Answer -5: There will be multiple choices such as
Paint Window, Icon Editor in Labview, Property Window etc.
The right answer is Icon Editor. labview interview icon editor

Question -6: How I vs time, Q vs time, transmit power and power spectrum is plotted using labview. IQ data file with two columns have been provided as input data file.
Answer -6: Refer Answer-6➤.

Question -7: Write a simple labview program for binary number generator.
Answer -7: Refer Answer-7➤.

Question -8: Write a simple labview program for 2 to 4 decoder.
Answer -8: Refer Answer-8➤.

Question -9: Write labview programs for different types of flipflops such as SR,JK,T and D flipflop.
Answer -9: Refer Answer-9➤.

Question -10: Write a simple labview code for decimal to binary Converter.
Answer -10: Refer Answer-10➤.

This set of Labview interview questions and answers are useful for freshers and experienced level of job positions.

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