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Resonant Frequency calculator | Resonant Frequency Formula

This page covers Resonant Frequency calculator with Resonant Frequency formula. The LC Circuit Resonant Frequency calculator uses inductance and capacitance as inputs and calculates resonant frequency as output as per Resonant Frequency formula.

Resonant Frequency calculator

➤Following calculator is used to calculate resonant frequency.
➤Enter values in INPUT boxes and Press CALCULATE button to check OUTPUT.


Inductance in Henrys :
Capacitance in microfarads :


Resonant Frequency in Hz :

Example: Resonant Frequency calculator:
Inductance (Henry) = 0.002, capacitance (Micro-farads) = 12
Resonant frequency = 1027 Hz

Resonant Frequency formula

This Resonant Frequency calculator used following Resonant Frequency formula for its calculation.

resonant frequency Formula, resonant frequency calculator

Refer difference between Series resonance vs Parallel resonance>> for more information.

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