Multimode fiber Calculator | dispersion,bandwidth Formula

This page covers Multimode fiber Calculator. The calculator calculates dispersion and bandwidth. The formulas are also mentioned.

modal dispersion, ns/km (input1) :

length of fiber, km (input2) :

chromatic dispersion, ns/km per nm (input3) :

LED linewidth, nm (input4) :

Total dispersion (Output1):

Fiber Bandwidth (Output2):

modal dispersion (ns/km) = 1 , fiber length (km) = 2, chromatic dispersion (ns/km*nm) =0.1, LED linewidth (nm) = 40
Total dispersion= 8.24; Fiber Bandwidth = 42.44 MHz

dispersion and bandwidth formula

Following equations or formula are mentioned for this Multimode fiber Calculator.

fiber total dispersion and bandwidth formula

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