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Whip antenna calculator | whip antenna formula or equation

This page covers Whip Antenna calculator. It mentions formula or equations used in this Whip antenna calculator. The links to other antenna calculators are also mentioned.

One might have seen long straight rod on the car, it is known as whip antenna. It consists of flexible wire. The bottom part is connected with radio receiver or the radio transmitter. This type of antenna does not break easily while in the motion and hence the name "whip".

vertical whip antenna

The figure-1 depicts whip antenna. Usually whip antenna having quarter wavelength is used. They are basically monopole antennas used in HF/ VHF/ UHF frequency bands.

Typicall applications of whip antennas are as listed below:
• Cell phones
• Walkie-Talkies
• Cordless phones
• FM Radio
• WiFi devices
• GPS devices

Whip antenna has omni-directional radiation pattern as it is monopole antenna.

Whip Antenna Calculator


Whip Antenna Frequency, MHz :

Whip Antenna Length, inches :

Whip Antenna Diameter, inches :


Capacitance in pF :

Inductance in nH :

Quarter Wavelength in meters :

Antenna Length in % :

Radiation Resistance in Ohms :

EXAMPLE of Whip Antenna Calculator:
Frequency = 900 MHz,
Length = 12 inches,
Diameter = 0.5 inches
Capacitance = -1.8 pF,
Inductance = -17.28,
Quarter Wavelength = 0.0833 meters,
Antenna Length (%) = 365.75,
Radiation Resistance = 347.5 Ohms

Formula/Equations used in Whip Antenna Calculator

Following formula/equations are used in the Whip Antenna Calculator.

whip antenna formula

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