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Photon Energy Calculator | Photon Energy Formula

This page covers Photon Energy Calculator. It mentions Photon Energy formula or equation. The photon energy calculator calculates photon energy based on wavelength or frequency as input.

Photon energy Calculator #1 using wavelength

Following calculator calculates photon energy based on light wavelength.

Light wavelength, µm (Input) :

Photon Energy, Joule (Output):

Example Photon Energy calculator#1:
INPUTS : Light wavelength = 0.5 µm
OUTPUTS: Photon Energy = 3.97566 e-19 Joule

Photon Energy formula or equation

Following formula or equation is used for photon energy calculator#1. This calculator calculates photon energy based on walelength of the light source. This is known as Planck's equation.

Photon Energy Formula or equation

Photon energy Calculator #2 using frequency

Following calculator#2 calculates photon energy based on light frequency.

Light frequency, GHz (Input) :

Photon Energy, Joule (Output):

Example Photon Energy calculator#2:
INPUTS : Light wavelength = 300 GHz
OUTPUTS: Photon Energy = 1.98 x 10-22 Joule

If light source power is given as P (in Watts) and each photon energy is E in joules, number of photons (N) emitted per second can be calculated using following equation.
➨ N = P in Watts/E in Joules
Example: If P is 1 Watts and Energy of each photon is 4 x 10-19 , then number of emitted photons in one second is equal to 2.5 x 108.

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