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This page covers MTBF calculator and MTTF calculator with MTBF formula and MTTF formula. The MTBF calculator and MTTF calculator are available online to calculate MTBF and MTTF values.

Number of devices under test (input1) :

Duration of the test in Hours (input2) :

Number of failures reported (input3) :

MTBF (Output1):

MTTF (Output2):

EXAMPLE of MTTF calculator and MTBF calculator:
Number of devices under test= 30,
Duration of the test in Hours= 100 ,
Number of failures reported= 3
MTBF = 33.33 Hours/failure,
MTTF= 3.33 hours/device

MTBF Formula | MTTF formula

Both of these terms MTBF(Mean Time Between Failure) and MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) are veryful measurements in reliability domain. The terms are useful to determine life of the developed product. This helps to avoid and troubleshoot failure before the age limit calculated. Hence MTBF and MTTF calculations will help to develop product which lasts for longer life cycle in the future. Following equations mention MTBF Formula used for MTBF calculator and MTTF formula used for MTTF calculator.

MTBF Formula for MTBF calculator, MTTF formula for MTTF calculator

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