Directional Coupler Calculator

This page of converters and calculators section covers Directional Coupler calculator. The calculator calculates coupling,coupling loss,insertion loss and directivity.

Input power P1 (input1) :

Output power P2 (input2) :

Output power at isolated port P3 (input3) :

Coupled power P4 (input4) :

Coupling in dB (Output1) :

Coupling loss in dB (Output2) :

Insertion Loss in dB (Output3) :

Directivity in dB (Output4) :

Directional Coupler Equation

INPUTS: P1= 30dBm , P2= 29.5dBm, P3 = 1, P4 = 5dBm
OUTPUTS: coupling(dB) = 7.78 , Coupling loss (dB) = 0.8 , Insertion Loss(dB) = -0.73 , Directivity(dB)= 7

The directional coupler is used in RF comformance tests of many wireless devices. It is also used to couple the power to other RF circuits from the main transmission path. As mentioned above directional coupler is generally specified by the two factors viz. coupling factor and directivity. Directional coupler will have 4 ports viz. input port , output port (through port) , coupled port and isolated port . Following equation or formula is used for directional coupler calculator.

Directivity is the measure of ratio of power at the coupled port to the isolated port. For more refer RF Directional Coupler page.

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