Balanced Attenuator calculator | Balanced Attenuator Formula

This page covers Balanced attenuator calculator. The formula or equations used in Balanced attenuator calculator are also mentioned. This Balanced attenuator calculator takes impedance and attenuation as inputs and produces resistance as outputs as per diagram shown.

Balanced Attenuator

The figure-1 depicts balanced attenuator circuit.


Impedance in Ohms (input1) :
Attenuation in dB (input2) :


R1 value in Ohms :

Balanced attenuator calculator EXAMPLE:
INPUTS: Impedance = 50 , Attenuation = 6 dB
OUTPUT: R1 = 50.238 Ohm

Balanced attenuator calculator Formula or Equation

Following equation or formula is used for Balanced Attenuator calculator.

Balanced Attenuator Formula

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