zwave smoke detector features

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This page covers zwave smoke detector basic features or specifications and mention zwave smoke detector manufacturers.

Smoke detector usually detects concentration of smoke in the air. Based on this, it sends out alarm message to the enrolled CIE. It is also equipped with temperature sensor device for detecting the temperature of the area. When the heat reaches temperature of 60 degrees, it will send out the alarm.

The sensor embedded in smoke detector also differentiates between actual smoke and fire. It is zwave wireless standard compliant and operates at various country wise frequency bands. It works on 908.42 MHz in US and Canada.

The devices typically available in the market will produce 85dB of alarm sound. It also has flashing LED lights to indicate the presence of the smoke in the area.

zwave smoke detector typical specifications:
• It should operates at high temperatures.
• It should have ultra small housing.
• It should support distance coverage of 30 meters.
• It should be smart to provide information about fire to the smart devices such as mobile phones or tablets using wireless connectivity such as zwave.
• There should be built in tester so that the device can be tested whether it is functioning or not. This is very important as sometimes the devices will not be working in the real time situations. Hence periodic testing of the installed zwave smoke detector devices is very much essential. This provision will help for the same.
• There should be provision for automatic software update.
• It should have good look and should be available in different colours so that matching devices can be installed as per ceiling colour.

zwave smoke detector manufacturers/vendors

Following are the zwave smoke detector manufacturers who supplies the product in the Europe and USA markets. The products can also be purchased fom Amazon and ebay.
• Vision Security, Taiwan
• Everspring, Taiwan
• Climax Technology

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