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Z-communication manufactures VCO which are used in PLL based frequency synthesizer designs. Z-comm VCOs are available for frequency range from 150MHz to 14 GHz. Z-comm vco has features such as low power consumption, ultra fine tuning precision, exceptional spectral purity etc.

The figure depicts position of VCO in RF synthesizer design. As shown VCO converts differential voltage into change in frequency oscillator output. This output frequency is again feed back to the input phase comparator module.

VCO in rf synthesizer design

Hence VCO corrects the frequency drift due to temperature variation and aging. Hence it keeps the synthesizer output stable and locked to the reference frequency source. This reference frequency source is usually provided using OCXO crystal oscillator. Loop filter generates voltage based on the phase difference between reference frequency output and VCO output. Simple loop filter is RC low pass filter circuit and simple phase comparator circuit is EX-OR gate.

Z-comm VCO selection Guide

Following factors are considered in selecting z-comm vco or any other manufacturer VCO
• Frequency range of operation
• DC tuning voltage range
• Output power
• Phase noise
• Pushing (MHz/Volt)-Output fequency variation due to supply voltage change
• Pulling (MHz)- Frequency variation due to load impedance change
• Package type
• tuning speed

About Z-comm

Z-Communications Inc. is a world leader in VCO and PLL since decades. Among manufacturers, Z-comm is a largest VCO manufacturer for wireless as well as commercial market.

Other than VCO and PLL, Z-comm also produces RF components and microwave components. With continuous investment in R & D, Z-comm develops quality components with excellent performance.

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