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This page lists our popular RF Mixer manufacturers and provide link to learn rf mixer mathematics,specifications and rf design considerations. It covers companies such as Hittite Microwave,Markimicrowave,Spectrum Microwave, RFMD, Minicircuits etc.

Following are the specifications one need to consider before selecting the RF mixer for use. • Frequency range at IF, LO and RF ports
• LO power level
• Conversion Loss
• Isolation between ports
• 1dB compression point
• third order intercept point
• VSWR or return loss
• Image rejection

High third order intercept point, high LO/RF and LO/IF isolation is ideal choice for best performance RF mixer. Moreover in rf design requiring image rejection, one need to buy RF mixer with better image rejection or high image rejection.

Hittite Microwave- www.hittite.com

ICs-RF Mixers-Single,Double & Triple Balanced from Hittite Microwave. Mixers are available specific to various functions such as high IP3, sub harmonic, I/Q downconverter/receiver, I/Q upconverter/transmitter, I/Q mixer/IRMs, downconverter RFIC etc.


Web- www.markimicrowave.com
Various series of rf mixer models are available.

Spectrum Microwave -formerly Magnum Microwave

Web- www.spectrummicrowave.com
RF Mixers of frequency ranges from 0.5 MHz to 26.5 GHz available in surface mount, drop-in and connectorized housings packages.


Web- estore.rfmd.com


Web- www.minicircuits.com
Ceramic Mixers from 300 MHz to 12 GHz and other types of rf mixers.

To learn more on RF Mixer refer rf mixer basics and RF Mixer tutorial pages.

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