RF chip resistor Manufacturers

This page covers RF chip resistor manufacurers/vendors.

Caddock Electronics, Inc.-www.caddock.com

EMC Technology Manufactures diamond Rf chip resistors,terminations & attenuators.

International Manufacturing Services Inc.
Website- www.ims-resistors.com

MINI-SYSTEMSINC- Manufactures thick & thin film chip resistors,capacitors,custom thick film hybrid rf circuits, multi-chip modules and more.

NIC Components Corps-www.rfpassives.com

Barry Industries- www.barryind.com

State of the Art Inc.- Manufactures rf chip resistors-thick film and thin film type, resistor network and more.
Website- www.resistor.com

Bourns- Manufacture rf chip resistor and chip resistor arrays.
Website- www.bourns.com

ROHM Products-ROHM is the pioneer in rf chip resistor manufacturing. Website- www.rohm.com

Thin Film Technology. Website- www.thin-film.com

Synton Tech- Chip resistor, thin film chip resistor, high power chip resistor,high voltage chip resistor and more. Website- www.synton.com.tw

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