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This page mentions NFC SoC manufacturers or NFC SoC vendors. The popular manufacturers of NFC SoC are NXP, TI, Broadcomm, Nordic semiconductor, Marvell and Microchip.

Following table mentions NFC SoC manufacturers with part numbers and technical features.

NFC SoC Manufacturers Description
NXP semiconductor • Models QN9090 and QN9030
• Above versions support Bluetooth 5, 802.15.4 and optional NFC, They are powered by ARM Cortex - M4 running at 48 MHz
TI • The company develops NFC Transceiver IC (Model TRF7970A), NFC transponder IC (RF430CL330H) and NFC sensor transponder (RF430FRL152H)
Broadcomm • The company has added NFC features to its wifi and bluetooth SoCs
Nordic Semiconductor • Model nRF52 series supports Bluetooth LE and NFC
• Model nRF52832 supports Bluetooth LE and NFC (Near Field Communication) with 80% less power consumption compare to nRF51.
• Model nRF5340 supports NFC and in addition supports Bluetooth 5.2 , Bluetooth LE/mesh, Thread and Zigbee
Marvell • Model 88W8887 supports WLAN, Bluetooth, FM receive and NFC on a single chip SoC
Microchip Technology • Model AT88RF1354-ZU is NFC/RFID reader and writer

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