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What is 4D imaging radar | Manufacturers or Vendors

This page covers 4D imaging radar manufacturers or vendors.The popular manufacturers of 4D imaging radar are Bitsensing, Aptiv, Arbe, Continental etc.

Introduction: The 4D imaging radar offers high resolution and longer range detection capabilities compare to 3D radar. It is used in automated vehicles for providing advanced assistance to the drivers. The term "4D" is used with this type of imaging radar as it identifies another useful dimension viz. "vertical information" of the object in addition to distance, relative velocity and direction of the object.

4D imaging radar manufacturers

Following table mentions 4D imaging radar vendors or manufacturers.

Company Description
Bitsensing, Korea AIR 4D imaging radar
Features : Operates at 79 GHz, offers stable performance in all weather conditions, can detect surroundings and estimate objects' length, offers long detection range, higher accuracy and more reliability for object classification etc.
• Visit Website : bitsensing.com for more information
Aptiv Model : FLR4+
Features : offers range detection of about 300 meters, supports elevation target discrimination, attracting price/performance and more.
• Visit Website : aptiv.com for more information
Arbe, Tx, USA Arbe's patented chipset solution offers 4D imaging radar with high resolution. It uses enhanced FMCW technology and supports simultraneous transmission and reception from multiple antennas using MIMO.
• Visit Website : arberobotics.com for more information
Continental AG Model : ARS540
Features : It measures four dimensions viz. range, doppler, azimuth, elevation. It supports 300 meters range, field of view of about +/-60o and operates at frequency of 76-77 GHz.
• Visit Continental website for more information


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