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About IR learner:
The device which consists of IR transmitter and IR receiver and can be plugged into computer for analysis of IR codes is known as IR learner. IR stands for Infrared.

With the use of transmitter part of IR learner, IR receiver part of any DUT (Device Under Test) can be tested. With the use of receiver part of IR learner, IR transmitter part of DUT can be tested. Hence IR learner helps in analyzing and decoding IR codes used by remote controls of TV, VCR etc.

Typically IR learner hardware consists of microcontroller or microprocessor, zigbee chip and IR chip. Microcontroller/Microprocessor does conversion of zigbee protocol format to IR codes.

IR Learner Vendors or Manufacturers Description with part number
CommandFusion Pty Ltd. IR Learner hardware and software
Crestron CSP-LIR-USB
Extron IR learner PRO software windows based
HDL Automation SB-IR-Learn.01
Keene Retail Ltd. UK Fc-29 IR Learner

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