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E Band Isolator Manufacturers | W Band Isolator Manufacturers

This page describes basics of E Band Isolator and W Band Isolator. It mentions table with list of E Band Isolator Manufacturers and W Band Isolator Manufacturers.

E Band Isolator

E Band Isolator

E Band spans from 60 to 90 GHz. It is referred by WR12 Band. The figure-1 depicts E Band Isolator from SAGE Millimeter, Inc. Following are the typical specifications to be considered while selecting appropriate E Band Isolator.
• Frequency Range: 60 GHz (Minimum) to 90 GHz (Maximum)
• Insertion Loss: About 1.5 to 2 dB
• Isolation: 28 dB
• Return Loss: 14 dB
• Power Handling: 1.2 W to 1.5 W (CW)

W Band Isolator

W Band Isolator

W Band spans from 75 to 110 GHz. It is referred by WR10 Band. The figure-2 depicts W Band Isolator from Micro Harmonics, Fincastle, VA. Following are the typical specifications to be considered while selecting appropriate W Band Isolator.
• Frequency range: from 75 to 110 GHz
• Insertion loss: about 1.4 to 2.1
• Isolation: About 25 dB
• VSWR: 1.4:1
• Power Rating: 1 Watt (Max.)

E Band Isolator Manufacturers | W Band Isolator Manufacturers

Following table-1 lists E Band Isolator manufacturers and W Band Isolator manufacturers.

E Band and W Band Isolator Manufacturers Description
Micro Harmonics Website: www.microharmonics.com/
SAGE Millimeter, Inc. Website: https://www.sagemillimeter.com/
HASCO, Inc. Components distributor
Website: https://www.hasco-inc.com/
Millitech, Inc. www.millitech.com/
VivaTech, France Website: https://www.vivatechmmw.com/ Or https://www.vivatech.biz/
Universal Microwave Technology, Inc. Website: www.umt-tw.com
HXI, Massachusetts Website: www.hxi.com
COM DEV International, Scotland Website: https://www.meslmicrowave.com
MECA Electronics, Denville, NJ Website: https://www.e-meca.com
ETL, Herefordshire, England Website: https://www.etlsystems.com

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