Cable outage basics | What is cable outage

This page covers cable outage definition and also mentions cable outage basic parameters. It mentions effects of cable outage and its prevention.

Definition: The term outage refers to breakdown or failure or temporary suspension of operation. The cable outage refers to failure or breakdown of the cable due to natural or unnatural reasons.

Effects of Cable outage

Following services will be affected specific to which cable outage has occurred:
➨Failure of cables pertaining to power supply distribution will lead to power outage in the relevant areas.
➨Failure of cables pertaining to broadband internet services will lead to internet being unavailable in the corresponding areas.
➨Failure of cables pertaining to cable TV distribution/broadcasts will lead to disruption of cable TV services.
➨Failure of cellular network cables will lead to cell phone services being disrupted.
As mentioned based on the respective cable failure, the services will not be available.

cable outage types

In order to restore cable outage, the corresponding agencies need to be informed who will analyze the potential cause of the failures and will take up the necessary actions. Based on the nature of fault it might take hours or days to restore the affected services. Many a times, failures will be due to natural environmental factors and hence service providers should not be blamed immediately. During this time, affected customers should be patient till the time services are restored.

Prevention to avoid cable outage

• TV, internet, power and mobile phones are part of everybody's life.
• Hence it is better to predict the deterioration or corrosion or other factors in the cables and replace the same with the robust cables to avoid cable outage.
• There are equipments developed by companies such as ABB to detect cable faults before they actually occur.
• Conclusion is that "Prevention is better than cure".


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