What is Digital Divide

This page describes definition of digital divide. It explains how to measure the digital divide and how to overcome digital divide.

Definition: The term digital divide refers to the gap in using following resources by individuals or group of people at various socio-economic levels across the globe.
• Use of information technologies
• Use of tele-communication technologies
• Use of internet

The digital divide across the world but its percentage vary country to country and region to region within the country. Digital divide occurs based on income and education. Moreover it varies based on different criterias such as household size, type, gender, age, racial and linguistic background etc.

How to measure digital divide

It can be measured by knowing following.
➨Availability of computers.
➨Availability of communication infrastructures.
➨Availability of TVs.
➨Availability of Mobile phones.
➨Availability of internet service providers in the region.

How to overcome digital divide

The digital divide can be overcome by providing above said facilities across the world where it has not been reached or available. Following steps will reduce the gap of digital divide across the globe.
➨Providing computers at affordable rate to poor. Computer training should be provided to schools, colleges as well as public places using kiosks.
➨Communication towers should be provided at distant places, if not those areas should be covered using technologies such as VSATs, TV white space networks etc.
➨Cheaper Mobile phones and TVs should be available to all the households, if required free distribution should be carried out for such necessary items.
➨Free wifi internet services should be available to mass public places such as bus stops, railway stations, shopping malls etc.

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