Waveguide Gasket basics | Waveguide Gasket Types,benefits

This page describes waveguide gasket basics. It mentions waveguide gasket types. The selection guide for waveguide gasket including its functions and benefits are also explained.

What is Waveguide Gasket?
The two waveguide flanges are joined together with specially designed structure known as "gasket". As it is used for waveguide, it is often known as waveguide gasket. This is shown in the figure-1 below. The CHO-SEAL 1212 and CHO-SEAL 1239 materials are used.

Waveguide gasket

Waveguide gaskets are available for standard UG, CMR and CPR flange types.

Types of waveguide gasket

Following are the common types of waveguide gaskets based on size and shape.
•  Die-cut rectangular
•  Die-cut circular
•  Molded rectangular, with "O" cross section
•  Molded circular, with "O" cross section (O-rings)
•  Molded circular, with "D" cross section (D-rings)
•  Molded rectangular, with

Following are the two types of waveguide gasket based on function.
• Pressure Seal: It uses non-conductive gasket. They are designed to fit into flange grooves. They are made of silicon or neoprene material. They usually comes in shapes of O-rings or rectangles.
• Pressure and RF Seal: It uses conductive gasket. They are filled with conductive material. They are made of copper or silver materials.

Functions and benefits of waveguide gasket

Following are the functional benefits of waveguide gaskets.
• It provides very effective EMI Shielding as well as pressure sealing for covers, flanges and chokes.
• It ensures low loss to the RF signal under transmission and lower leakage of signal at joint sections of the waveguide transmission system.
• It ensures maximum heat transfer with minimum outgassing.

Selection Guide for waveguide gasket

Following technical specifications or parameters are considered while selecting waveguide gasket for use.
➤Frequency Band of operation (Ka, K, Ku, X, X1, Xb, C, S, W, L)
➤Size and shape of the gasket
➤Type of flanges (UG, CPR, CMR)
➤Based on functionality, conductive (Pressure & RF seal) or non-conductive (Pressure seal only) gasket

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