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RF Isolator

This page covers rf isolator basics and provide link to rf isolator manufacturers.

It is a two port device made of magnets and ferrite material used to protect rf components or equipment connected at one port from the reflection of the other port. For example as mentioned below, signal source is used to feed signal to the device under test through Isolator, this helps signal source being damaged due to unwanted reflection from DUT. RF Isolator is used in the design of RF Frequency converters. Refer our article on 'Design of RF Frequency Converter' wherein RF Isolator is used after MO44M Mixer which helps protect RF components from excessive reflection in the reverse direction.

rf isolator

RF Isolator is basically a circulator with the third port terminated. Refer RF circulator.

RF Isolator types

RF Isolators are mainly of two types Drop-in and coaxial based on layout and not functionality.

Drop-in isolator is used in the design of RF modules using micro-strip technology where in both the input and output ports are matched on the micro-strip PCB. Used in the design of RF Transceiver, Power Amplifier, LNA etc.

Coaxial or Connectorized Isolator is mainly used in RF testing with equipments.

Technical specifications of rf isolator for 4G/LTE applications are summarized below.
•  Frequency range: 700-800MHz
•  Isolation: 20dB
•  Insertion Loss: 0.4 dB
•  VSWR: 1.25
•  Connectors: SMA-Female

As mentioned in the specifications Port 1 to Port 2 offers very less insertion loss hence allows the signal to pass through very easily. While Port 2 to Port 1 offers Isolation of 20dB hence limits reflected signals reaching to port 1 and hence stops damage. Moreover any reflected signals will be dissipated in load connected at port 3.

RF Isolator with high isolation and low insertion loss is best choice for the buyer. These type of RF isolator delivers high performance in the system.

RF Isolator Manufacturers

Here are few of RF Isolator manufacturers, for more refer our page below in vendors section.
•  Trak Microwave,Tampa,Fl,USA.
•  Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
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RF Isolator vs RF Circulator

For RF isolator vs RF circulator which describes difference between rf isolator and rf circulator, Read more.

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