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TEM wave vs quasi TEM wave

This page compares TEM wave vs quasi TEM wave and describes difference between TEM wave and quasi TEM wave.

TEM wave referred as Transverse electromagnetic wave. In this mode, electric field and magnetic field are perpendicular to each other and perpendicular to the direction of propagation. This mode exists in a structure having two excited conductors surrounded by dielectric material. One of the example is coaxial cable as shown in the figure below. In which E field is in radial direction, H field is around in the form of concentric circles and direction of propagation is in the length of the cable.

TEM wave in coaxial cable

Quasi TEM wave mode exist in a microstrip line. The term quasi refers that this wave is resembling to TEM wave. As we know in microstrip top and bottom is conductor part and middle one is dielectric. Hence in microstrip, wave propagates through the air above the top pattern and through the dielectric substrate. Due to this two different mediums having different resistivities wave propagates with different speeds in both the regions. This is referred as quasi TEM mode.


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