copper cabling standards-cat3,cat5,cat5e,cat6,cat7

This page covers copper cabling system standards which includes cat3,cat5, cat5e, cat6 and cat7.

copper cabling standard Description
cat3 This unshielded twisted pair suitable for voice communication
cat5 Unshielded twisted pair cable, used for speeds upto 100megabits, most common in buildings for data connectivity, consists of 4 pairs or eight wires
cat5e This unshielded twisted pair is ideal for gigabit of speed at shorter distances. To support higher speed standard cables and connectors are used.
cat6 This category can carry data at gigabit speed upto distance of about 100 meters.It can go upto 10 gigabit speed for short distances. It is 30% costlier compare to cat5e.
cat7 Supports higher speed for even longer distances, supports 10Gigabit per second speed, will house shielding around entire cable as well as around each individual pair of wires.

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