Zadoff chu sequence in LTE

Zadoff chu sequence often called as CAZAC sequence is popular in LTE technology.

Zadoff chu sequence possess following features.
- It has small variation in time and hence it will add to good Power amplification properties of the complex modulated signal of the LTE modem.
-It has small variation in frequency hence channel estimation at receiver will be simple.
-It has low cross correlation property hence it produces small inter cell interference.

Zadoff chu sequence is defined using following mathematical equation

Zadoff chu sequence
Zadoff chu sequence Equation

Zadoff chu sequence properties:

-It has constant amplitude.
-It has zero circular auto correlation.
-It has flat frequency domain response.
-circular cross correlation between two zadoff chu sequence is low.
-It has constant amplitude provided, L is a prime number.

LTE physical signals/channels where Zadoff chu is used

P-SS: Primary synchronization signal,Zadoff chu sequence is used for this signal.
RS: Reference Signal, used both in uplink and downlink, Zadoff chu sequence is used.
PUCCH: Physical Uplink Control Channel, Zadoff chu sequence is used.

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